Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rolling out the Oils!

Finishing off these 3 oils yesterday, was a good discipline for me. Pastels always take precedence over anything else, so I have to really work hard to produce these.
I find it helps to squeeze out lots of paint on the palette - I don't want to waste it and watch it dry out so I paint like mad to use it up!!! (ye olde Scottish philosophy!!) That makes a nice little set of 4 to go with the 12 pastels for the exhibition at EAS Studios Broughty Ferry Scotland!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

.....from watery mists.....

here is the middle and the end stages..... I will be writing about this in 7 parts for a magazine and introduce it to my lessons on

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wet watery PASTELS

Can you believe the fluidity and fun you get when you add water to pastels? Watch this space to see this flowing river of pigment transform to a real live painting - I can feel it in my bones!!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

How does inspiration grab YOU???

Do you ever get 'sidetracked' by something that just oozes ' paint me'? Much as I need to paint lots of new landscapes for gallery exhibitions, and do some roses in preparation for IAPS next year, this lovely 'distraction' grabbed me when one of my students took the photo last week....just 'waiting' to be painted!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pastels at home!

Not much 'Travelling Pastels' lately with workshops to run on watercolours, pens and just about everything else....also my time spent catching up on oil painting has paid off as some of my little oils have sold in the last few days....I trained in oils at Glasgow, but they take me much longer to build up than pastels...however i must not neglect them - they are great! Have attached a little oil to demonstrate how much fun they are! Watch out for next weekend when our Pastel Masterclass workshop is on and there will be several demos coming off the easel and on to the blog!