Monday, 22 November 2010

Australian sunshine

Sorry I cant download some of the demos from the workshops in Oz but my little computer notebook is not and i really miss it for keeping up to speed! However, mastering the Iphone a little now, and apart from running up bills on that, I am behaving well and not spending too much on sightseeing in between worskhops! Cant wait to show you all some of the demos and places. Singapore, Perth, Sydney (wow) Moruya, Canberra, Deniliquin. Next will be Cobram, then Melbourne, Adelaide, back to Melbourne and my treat - to spend some time with Bob Wadem my painting hero, down on the Mornington Peninsula ( with an extra little pastel workshop squeezed in as extra). Keep me busy, keep me out of trouble!! Paintings to follow...I hope

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Pastels packed

The pastels are packed for their next big trip to OZ tomorrow. They are all safely tucked into their fantastic Heilman Box which is the best EVER pastel box for travelling.... see and drool and watch out for my posts from various corners of OZ demonstrating with it!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The final Venice piece before OZ!

Well - managed to get this last one done before i leave for Australian workshops....simple and hopefully dynamic, as I saw it, sparkling through the narrow canal!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Phew - another deadline!

Just finished this off today...I think this makes a nice pair with the other....both going to Gatehouse gallery in Glasgow for their Xmas Show

Taking 'stock'

In the great cycle of work we produce, there are inevitably paintings that come back to you unsold...sometimes they get ditched, sometimes I rework them, either to improve or make a completely new painting out of, yet sometimes, an odd one just keeps it's charm reagrdless of how brutal you try to be with it!
I look back scathingly at old work, and work out all the ways to improve it - I think most artists feel this way - you are pleased with it till it is finished, then a day later, want to start again, because you feel you could do better. This is a good process, and helps us to strive for perfection & improvement. But now and then, one slips back into the 'scrutiny easel' and I still feel happy with it a few years later. This is one such work - I would happily have this piece at my 'deathbed' retrospective exhibition, and feel good about it representing my life's work!
By the way - everything hs to pass my husband Malcolm's critical eye, whether it is fresh off the easel, or returning from exhibitions...oh has to pass his eagle eye!