Monday, 2 June 2014

One year on..... shocking!!!

I was shocked and ashamed to find i hadn't written any blogs for a year!!   Such a long time, so I will have NO followers at all now and start from scratch...WELL...that will do me good and teach me a lesson!

So much has changed!  The inspiring short trip to Iona fuelled my love of Scottish scenery and i have continued to paint Iona and get my work back into the top Scottish galleries again.  Sales are naurally slow but a lot of patience - I am learning a lot of that lately!..... and hard work will prevail!

Our lovely house is on the market as we plan to downsize, stay in Scotland a bit longer, and get outselves 'straight' for our fact my first pension payment is due in the bank account this very week!!

Please join this blog and watch my new phase in life, making the paint talk.  the new book is out and will keep the Pastels alive, but I am also pursuing my oils this year, as well as pastures new.  Fewer workshops now, none at home, but the challenges are great, and good for the soul - just need a buyer for the house!!

Here is the house, as we try to sell it...the garden is looking fantastic!   And one of the recent Iona paintings, this one featuring soon in Artists & Illustrators Magazine.
Preparing for my 2nd USA trip this weekend - off to teach at Hudson River Valley Workshops, followed by Bainbridge Island Seattle, then Dakota Pastels Mt Vernon WA, before flying back to Atlanta to see my son and fiancee, and celebrate 40th Wedding Anniversary with Malcolm!!  Yep - that's me slowing down!!