Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Looking back on Glencoe!

I think this was one of my first paintings of Glencoe and it amazes me that for such a huge, empty, barren wasteland, it still excites me enough to paint it regularly, and people seem to love buying paintings of it. Maybe it's all those crazy hill-climbers who love to continually try to 'conquer' it! And 'Infinite Space' was the first 'biggie' I ever did ie 40 x 28" because I felt nothing less could convey the hugeness of the place!! Cant fit any bigger pieces into my car now though

Monday, 21 March 2011

Storm Brewing Glencoe

So March has turned out to be a productive month after all the doom and gloom! This is the 4th 'biggie' I've managed to complete, and they are each destined to a different gallery, so hopefully raise the profile for sales. Meanwhile, Sardinia trip in May is going ahead, Pastel Convention in June, and the US September trip to US is growing in momentum as I will now be in Pennsylvania as well as Hudson River Valley. Also working on my Florida trips next year in March and a few more dates are being organised, AND the 2012 Oz trip has already begun to take shape - phew.... I said I would slow down, but it is TOOOOOO tempting to keep going!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Duich Calm

Once again Loch Duich on the West Highland Coast is influencing my large paintings at the moment....I am moving on to more seascapes soon, but I do have some great nw material from my short trip to Loch Melfort last week, and the Isle of Mull! Ah...this is what I love about being Scottish - it is all on my doorstep too!

The 'Biggies' are ready to roll!

At the moment, this is the biggest size I can work in - 40 x 28" - in sheet size, and in fitting into the car after framing, so I have to work out how to do even bigger pieces and transport them to galleries!
Anyway, they seem slower to emerge, but finally here are the first to big ones of the year. I plan to more this size this year - it seems that's the way sales are going over here...we willl see!

I have 2 previous stages of the 'Ice Flow Glencoe' if anyone wants to see them?!