Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The 'Biggies' are ready to roll!

At the moment, this is the biggest size I can work in - 40 x 28" - in sheet size, and in fitting into the car after framing, so I have to work out how to do even bigger pieces and transport them to galleries!
Anyway, they seem slower to emerge, but finally here are the first to big ones of the year. I plan to more this size this year - it seems that's the way sales are going over here...we willl see!

I have 2 previous stages of the 'Ice Flow Glencoe' if anyone wants to see them?!


  1. Personally I would love to see the previous stages of Ice Flow Glencoe. I am very much a beginner and have yet to tip my toe anywhere near soft pastels (trying to get my head round watercolour and pen & wash at the moment) but it is a medium I enjoy marvelling at! I find your work and your DVDs very inspiring and helpful - thank you! - trying to 'free myself up' as best I can given I am a total beginner. 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' is a phrase that often comes to mind!

  2. I'll post them today...it is handy to see the build up, and the strength of underpainting which plays a large part in the development...hope you enjoy and thanks for joining in!