Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Taking 'stock'

In the great cycle of work we produce, there are inevitably paintings that come back to you unsold...sometimes they get ditched, sometimes I rework them, either to improve or make a completely new painting out of, yet sometimes, an odd one just keeps it's charm reagrdless of how brutal you try to be with it!
I look back scathingly at old work, and work out all the ways to improve it - I think most artists feel this way - you are pleased with it till it is finished, then a day later, want to start again, because you feel you could do better. This is a good process, and helps us to strive for perfection & improvement. But now and then, one slips back into the 'scrutiny easel' and I still feel happy with it a few years later. This is one such work - I would happily have this piece at my 'deathbed' retrospective exhibition, and feel good about it representing my life's work!
By the way - everything hs to pass my husband Malcolm's critical eye, whether it is fresh off the easel, or returning from exhibitions...oh has to pass his eagle eye!

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