Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Paintings at the Blues & Greens Gallery North Berwick

Delivered 6 new paintings today for a new exhibition 'Artists Abroad', and focused mainly on my Venetian work which I love doing - however slipped in a large one of Puerto Banus in Spain!!! Also new work gone into 'Life on Canvas' Gallery in Morningside out for new posts with some of the work on display!!


  1. Ooooh- I love these, Maggie! Nice to see you on the blog as well! I also have succumbed to facebook feeling the exposure was greater there than anywhere. Kind of a nuisance to have to be on the computer so much, though. :) Nice to see some of your work here!

  2. Many thanks Nancy -- keep in touch and have a look at the Shinafoot Studios page on Facebook too, which details workshops coming up etc