Saturday, 8 May 2010

What? pastels?????!

Would you believe, I've been 10 days in Tuscany and not done a single pastel...not even a sketch! However I have been sketching in watercolour every day and my favourite soluble pens so the painting diary has plenty of exciting sketches to inspire me for pastel painting as soon as I get home! The group were mainly w/c students, and the weather caused us to do lots of quick sketching, rather than setting up with pastels in one place for any length of time - however it is truly inspiring here as ever - I have been coming here for over 15 years and have never tired of it yet - join me next year and see for yourselves!!


  1. hmmm. sounds very interesting! Ya just never know.

  2. Just returned from heaven - going back to Tuscany reminded me it is STILL my favourite place in the world, and I could still end up living there - especially if my daughter and son-in-law go back to live there!!