Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Venetian Vapours?

I still seem to be suffering the vapours from Venice - sniffing, coughing, stuffy , blocked-up....anti-biotics finished and still woozy....and still struggling to capture some of the watery visions in my head from our last trip...which is now 4 weeks ago! My how life races!
Only 2 weeks now till I get catapulted into another different timescale...Singapore, then Perth, Sydney.... and virtually the rest of OZ....busy, but beautiful...I will miss my family, worry about them all as usual..I AM a mother, first and foremost after all. None of us realise that constant caring that comes with motherhood, until it's too late- we start our own families, and we are sucked into it for life!!
Anyway back to the Venice!!

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