Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Online Workshops -Glencoe without Travel!

Hi Everyone:

This is Margaret Evans from Scotland. I'm really pleased and excited to tell you about my brand-new workshop that is now available on MyArtTutor.com.

This is a revolutionary and exciting new way for me to reach students who are too far away to benefit from my regular workshops, try though I may to cover the world!

You will now be able to register for a workshop, observe personal comments and critiques from me as I interact with other students, and the best of it is, you will be able to access the same lessons over and over again, which you can't on a once-only workshop!

Students will be able to communicate with questions & answers, critiques, techniques & product discussions - you'll probably even hear the dogs barking now and then so it will be as good as being in my studio...minus the tea and coffee!

Keep in touch and watch out for lots of new workshop plans in the future.

Between now and February 14th, I have arranged a $50 discount for my friends and students. (Please use this code at checkout: 380e6e6a42 ).

I invite you to START NOW on MyArtTutor.com, and within a few clicks you can be ready to start your class.

Cheers, Margaret
With MyArtTutor you can

Transport yourself.
Discover your inner artist.
Learn from Master Tutors.
Enhance your confidence.

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