Friday, 1 April 2011

Stages of 'Ice Flow' and a new one from the easel

I've added the stages for the large 'Ice Flow Glencoe' as requested, and included the new painting that is just finished this morning from our recent visit to the Isle of Mull, Glen More - very striking scenery, similar to Glencoe, and to top it all, we saw Golden Eagles flying overhead - wow!!


  1. Many thanks for these - very interesting to see the build up. Out of interest - how/why do you choose any particular colour of paper? By which I mean, do you choose a colour that will be empathetic to the whole colour scheme or is it purely technical (the way some colours seem to shine out more on different colours), or a mixture of both? Not sure if that's a stupid question or not - apologies if it is. It would never have occurred to me to do a snow scene on such a brightly orange-red paper, and yet it adds a lovely warmth and earthiness to finished piece.

  2. I teach about using underpaintings in opposite ie complimentary colours to help bring out the clours. Either that or a cool u.p for a warm subject or vice versa In a snow scene, if the predominant colours of the subject are going to be blues and whites for example, then a bright red/orange underpainting will help to add warmth and vibrancy. Hope this helps - not a silly question at all.