Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January themes of Amish

SHAME ON ME!    The blog seems to end up last on the list as I update FB pages first with new work.  however this site gives me a chance to mention my 'theme' for January, which was about starting and finishing some of the wonderful Amish themes I've had brewing in my mind since being in PA last year.  It is an area I love, as it's so fertile, green, rustic and peaceful, and you can feel the pace of life slowing right down, especially when you take the route we took, from NY then to NJ then into PA...I could feel the tensions slipping away, the nearer we got to Millheim!

So here are the first two paintings from my new Amish Collection.  There will be more USA themes this year, as I am delighted to say I have been invited to have an exhibition of my work at the Elements Gallery near Denver COlorado, while I am teaching at Terry Ludwig's Studio in November...what a thrill.  So watch out for red rocks and rugged scenery coming up next!!  We are nearly into February, and I am just cranking up the gears!!


  1. Wow, two wonderful paintings! I can't wait to see the rest of the series Margaret. Congratulations on the exhibition in the U.S. later this year.

  2. Hey, Margaret, you must come in Tuscany (especially Chianti and Val di Chiana). There are many inspirations for new landscape.

  3. Better late than never to reply folks... I ASM back and will make up for lost time with weekly posts!!