Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just a quick visit!

This July, I took my mother on a surprise birthday visit to Iona, just for an overnight stay, as she had not been there for years and it means a lot to her with her church connections.  I didn't plan much painting as we would be travelling around on the journey there and back, but as I had special permission to take the car on the island, I did thankfully take my Heilman Pastel box and a few boards...phew i AM glad i did!
Apart from the inspiration for taking lots of photos to paint from later, the ability to be able to do quick plein-air sketching was invaluable, and the sketches quickly grew into full scale paintings as soon as I returned home to the studio
Here are a few paintings completed since that overnight journey, and there's still quite a few in the 'pipeline' of my brain, churning away and just waiting for the chance to seize the moment!!
So - moral of the story?....... always be prepared!  Even the slightest, quickest, scribbliest offering can be used in the artist's brain to create something wonderful, and memorable, and hopefully sellable too!

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