Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Big Sleep - Winter ends - Spring awaits

BIG apologies for not blogging for a while but I lost patience with the bullying tactics of having to load Google Chrome before I could open my blog again - what a cheek!  Be it known to all - I understand the basic computer skills I need to get by, but change the rules and you confuse me - easily!  January slipped by in a flurry of organising and rescheduling workshops for this year, and now some of the uS workshops will be scheduled later in the year ie August.  however the march US trip is ON and I will be teaching in Pittsburgh, York PA then Palm Key SC   Try and catch up with me if you can!!!  Spring is here, winter is slowly leaving us, and we are coming out of 'The Big Sleep'   Which coincidentally is the title of my painting!

MARCH 2012
Pittsburgh Pastel Group PA   - Gail Sorace -     March 12-14th 
York Art Association PA    -   Kay Koehler -       March  16-18th
Palm Key   SC                 - Michael Hargraves -         March 21 - 25th
Debarry Studio NJ    -       Christina Debarry PSA -    Aug 11-13th
Green Darke Gallery Millheim PA   -  Karl Leitzel    Aug 15 - 17th
Hudson River Valley Workshops NY -  Kim La Polla -   Aug 18 - 21st
Terry Ludwig Workshops CO  -  
Pastel Society of America   -  PSA Office

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