Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring Rush!

It's been one of those weeks when my back was against the wall, and I HAD TO get a good selection of work finished and ready for various Spring Exhibitions in galleries around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Easy Coast, West!

With more to follow. the gap in the middle for me is the month of March, as we prepare to travel to USA starting in Pittsburgh, PA, then York PA, then Palm Key S Carolina for workshops, and it will be the end of March before we are home.  ( by then I will have to get another good strong 12 paintings done for some May Exhibitions)  Life is certainly never dull - frustrating maybe but NEVER dull!  These 4 are all of the East Neuk of Fife, on the East Coast of Scotland...very rugged, picturesque & paintable fishing villages, like Crail, Anstruther & Pittenweem


  1. So close, yet so far away :) love these paintings!

  2. I keep telling ya....wanna come to Texas!!! Have you considered if you can afford me at IAPS on the floor demonstrating?????

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